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Production of professional advertising & training videos 
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Professional Policy Creation and Training Development.

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Stress Modulation for Increased Performance and Resilience
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Bringing Forward Expert Training From Around The World ...

We provide engaging in-person and online professional training, as well as legal consulting in matters of Use of Force and municipal policy development. Our Media Division continues to build high-quality training and promotional videos for our valued clients.

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About Steven Poplawski

Expert Trainer and CEO of Step Training Inc.

Throughout my professional service and law enforcement career, I’ve been actively involved in education, skill-based training, guest lecturing at universities, publishing in scientific journals, and presenting skill-based learning practices and presentations.

Having worked in the law enforcement field for over two decades, I found a personal passion for professional training and education.  I have always resisted the notion of “awareness training,” looking instead to create real in-depth skill-based learning programs that lead to high-level performance and professional knowledge.  I strongly promote a training model based on SERVICE.

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