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Message from the Authors

There has never been a more important time for law enforcement training to be grounded in science-based learning strategies and practical outcome-oriented methods.  With the high-level public scrutiny that officers and agencies face every day, a unified and systematic methodology is essential.  With the complexity of unfolding situations, officers need to be both effective and transparent in their approaches to resolving conflicts. No longer can agencies adopt training material that is not supported by current science and adult learning principles.

The A.D.S. Training System proposes a paradigm shift in how officer training is addressed and implemented. Instead of a technique focused platform, this system centres on the essential concepts and strategies for the police professional. Incidents can be broken down into vital pieces, and the training needs to reflect a de-escalation approach which still ensures officer and public safety.

Expectations on performance are critical to positive outcomes during incidents. Both the police and the public have to understand the complexity of these situations and the inherent risks associated. Training needs to be realistic, in-depth and adaptable to changing circumstances. Officers need to maximize their unique strengths and abilities, work towards attainable goals and reduce their own negative physiology during events.

Quality training does not, in itself, mean extended training. Instead the A.D.S. Training System focuses on the things that matter the most, and does not get caught up in the specifics of complicated martial art based techniques.

Law enforcement training should be just that – for law enforcement. The training needs to be specific to the job and the real demands it entails.


Steven Poplawski

Evelyn Boychuk

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