About Us

What is Step Training Inc?

STEP Training Inc is a Progressive Organization Specializing in Police Education and De-escalation Training and Research.

Created by Steven Poplawski, STEP Training Inc. employs academic experts and law enforcement professional instructors with decades of direct field and training experience. All applied instructors are Certified in Use of Force and are former law enforcement practitioners.

Professional Commitment

Step Training Inc. employs certified and experienced professional law enforcement trainers (from around the world) who are dedicated to providing industry-leading instruction, education and performance motivation. The instructors at STI focus on client needs, attainable training goals and on-going research into the development of modern best practices. Step Training Inc. is committed to rising above your training expectations becoming your partner in success.

Some major clients we have worked with in 2018 include:

US Federal Probation, US Marshal Service, Icelandic National Police Service, and City of Mississauga Security Services.

Steven Poplawski


STEP Training Inc. provides the following specialized services:

  • Education and skill based training of police officers and law enforcement professionals.
  • Industry certifications in law enforcement training and education.
  • Professional evidence-based curriculum development and training strategies for agencies.
  • Lectures and presentations on performance goals and personal development.
  • Primary research and data gathering through interviews, on-site observation and surveys of key police agencies in Ontario, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.
  • Data analysis and interpretation of primary research.
  • Provision of applied Use of Force Experts with at least 10 years of experience to undertake primary research, data analysis and reporting.