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Training Courses for Municipal Staff & Law Enforcement Professionals


Internationally acclaimed training courses for law enforcement professionals. We specialize in designing and facilitating core skills courses in de-escalation, communication, customer validation and advanced training and specialty courses for municipal officers & staff.

Steven Poplawski

"The training was a "game changer" for our district. I attended both days and witnessed the officers with renewed energy and excitement for the future of Reality Based Training."

District Chief, US Federal Probation.


The Learning Process

Step Training Inc. specializes in addressing the training needs of law enforcement professionals, including: municipal officers, police officers, corrections officers, probation officers, by-law enforcement, corporate security services, private security, animal enforcement services, housing and parking enforcement. We also have experience in working with university and college special constables, city staff and managers.

Our professional courses are based on providing Core Training Modules (CTM)©2020 that include education, research, practical application of skills through Reality Based Training (RBT). We use a variety of modern adult teaching methods including, lecture, class discussions, table top exercises, group work and directed practice. (cc. Anders Ericsson).

All our training modules balance education and application. We aim to immerse the student in the topic, increasing student confidence and understanding of that subject matter.

As the client, you would choose the Core Training Modules (CTM)©2020 that work best for your training goals, factoring in training time, number or participants, and available resources. A professional course developer from Step Training Inc. will then customize the modules chosen to fit your specific training and organizational needs.

All our courses are grounded in applied research conducted by Step Training Inc. internationally and throughout the Province of Ontario. Throughout 2017 and 2018, Step Inc. conducted direct field research at over 40 police services, looking into matters of training, de-escalation and decision making. We understand the modern demands placed on law enforcement and municipal officers, and our courses reflect a structured, researched approach to decision making and problem solving.

A training concept developed by Step Training Inc., Core Training Modules (CTM) provide detailed course content while remaining flexible and responsive to client needs and available resources.

Step Training Inc. Core Modules can be repeated each year to re-enforce fundamentals, while new ones can be added to address current and specific training needs.  They represent a building block approach to professional performance.


Municipal Law Enforcement Training

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Train the Trainer Instructor Courses

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Validation Tools for Customer Service

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Data gathering through interviews, on-site observation and surveys.

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Public Speaking

Presentations on performance and personal development.

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Consulting & Education

We are there to assist in the professional development of municipal training plans and policy.