Professional Videos Produced For Training Needs

We are building video media specific to client needs?

Step Training Inc. (Media Division) is a professional media company that produces video media for small to medium-sized businesses. We work with the client to determine their specific needs, then our professional video staff write, direct and create videos that can be used for marketing or training purposes.

As a client, we will create for you a 3-minute video, 1-minute video and 15-sec ad. Each video will be suited to a particular social media platform like Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Training video lengths are specific to the client's training needs.

We can do location shoots at your place of business, or the video can be produced in our media studio. If required, we can provide professional actors.

In addition, we can create professional training videos for your organization. In response to COVID19,  organizations have been forced to move more of their training online. It is important to have professionally built and engaging training videos and content. Our training videos are built to your specific needs and include professional editing and graphics.

We understand that timing is very important, so we guarantee a timely turnaround on projects. In most cases, we can create, shoot and edit a video project within a three-week time frame.


Clients include the University of Toronto, RCMP and the Icelandic National Police Service

For more information contact: 647 402 2027 or


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