Legal & Education Consulting

We assist in the development and implementation of on-going training policies and practices, designed to increase staff skills and lower agency liability. We offer legal consulting in areas of training and Use of Force.

“Well rounded instructors willing to take the time with officer one on one, constructive in comments provided better ways to accomplish the same task. Scenario were real and informative. Made you think."

~ Mississauga, Ontario

Consulting and Education Services

Professional Curriculum Development for New Staff

Is your security or law municipality hiring new officers and staff?

Step Training Inc. specializes in setting up basic training courses for new hires in the area of security and municipal law enforcement. Taking a new person through training, developing job related skills, education and confidence. Our new hire programs are tailored specifically to your agency needs, and are mindful of the time and costs allotted for training. These courses take on a hands-on practice approach, building confidence and knowledge as the program progresses through skill and education levels. Rooted in these courses is professional instruction on communication and de-escalation techniques. Foundational training is extremely important, as it sets the officer up for any future success. The initial training an officer receives, will effect their actions and decisions throughout their career.

Professional Development of Training and Education Programs

Development of Modern Training Practices

With the assistance of professional course developers, Step Training Inc. can assist your organization in developing specific and modern training standards, that keep the agency in-line with industry best practices. We assist in the process of evaluating current training, identifying needs and then implementing appropriate skill based programs. We are there to assist in the development of on-going training, that increases knowledge and education. Graduated skill based training is at the core of our programs. From managers to front-line staff, Step Training Inc. can provide valuable, modern training to your agency. Our team can provide industry certifications in handcuffing, baton, O/C spray, defensive tactics and many other areas.

The development of current, leading-edge training strategies is a priority.

STEP Training Inc. is dedicated to providing innovative high-level instruction and training in the law enforcement field. The pbjective is to assist organizations in achieving current, relevant science based training - leading to increased safety and public acceptance.

In addition to skill based training, STEP Training Inc. is actively involved in the research of best practices and science based training. The development of current, leading edge detailed lesson plans and training strategies is a priority.

"Great course and professional ideas and training for reality-based training. This approach is definitely something I will incorporate into the training program."

Seattle, Washington - Professional Facilitation Course.

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