Step Training Inc. provides a variety of course levels, making them more adaptable to your specific training needs.


Level One: Online Training 

These courses focus on education, skills and independent student learning. Course material is supported through training videos, audio modules, independent student exercises and instructor webinars.


Level Two: In-Person Training

Level two in-person courses include the materials from Level One, but with the addition of direct instructor lead skill practice and Reality Based Training. In these courses, evaluations are made, decision making is factored in and instructors provide direct and professional feedback to students.

Level Three: Train-The-Trainer Courses

These courses are advanced with a focus on updating existing instructors.  These courses vary in length (depending on the topic) and have both objective and subjective evaluation requirements. A large component of these courses is focused on the ability of the candidate to deliver the content within Step Training Inc. policies and practices.