At Step Training Inc. the professional instructors and course developers take pride in their ability to customize programs for clients based on their specific training needs. (CTM) After consulting with our client to determine desired outcomes and key deliverables, Step Training Inc. staff will construct a specific detailed program designed to meet, and exceed those outcomes. We do not subscribe to the "one course fits all" method of training.

Step Training Inc. provides both professional certifications, supporting lesson plans and the supportive paperwork to the client. We stand behind our curriculum and offer full support to the client during training implementation.

At Step Training Inc., we continue to follow-up with the client after the initial course and offer our assistance and expertise as needed. Sustainability of the information and best practices by the client are important to us.


When Step Inc. works with an individual or agency it is viewed as a professional partnership. Both groups working toward specific, attainable training goals, using modern, innovative, researched-based training practices and methodologies.

Step Training Inc. believes your success is our success.

Steven Poplawski