Step Training Inc. delivers courses in gaining control and compliance of persons under arrest.

This course is not a “Martial Art” class. 

The training within this course links communication, the creation of time and distance, de-escalation strategies and physical techniques intended to gain control and maintain safety for both officer and suspect. Topics include practical ways of creating space, maintaining an “exit strategy”, accessing all available resources, authorities, and when needed, the physical skills of control and defence. 
Violence between law enforcement and subjects occur less than one percent of the time in Ontario. Our training removes the notion of “fighting” and we replace it with establishing control. In most cases, this can be accomplished without the need for physical force. Avoidance and blocking are emphasized, with the engagement of the suspect being the last resort.
Our material in this area is clear and decisive. The content is intended for those officers that need core skills in this area. The content is simple and non-complicated. All techniques are made relatable by providing clear examples of when they would be necessary for a municipal officer.
Having spent close to 40 years in martial arts, I know that the material of martial arts is complicated, difficult to defend in court and requires dedicated and consistent practice. Municipal officers require training that is simple, speaks to core concepts of defence and control and can be articulated in a way that maintains public trust.