De-escalation and Stress Modulation Training for the Municipal Enforcement Officer. (MLEO)

Training geared towards establishing and maintaining best practices for your municipal law enforcement officers (MLEO).

Professional de-escalation and skill-based training courses developed and designed for your municipalities specific needs. A detailed lesson plan is developed by a professional and certified law enforcement trainer in consultation with you, to address on-going training needs and the development of best practices for your city or region. The course is a platform used as a means of maintaining critical job-related skills for law enforcement professionals. The course addresses the retention of professional skills as well as updates to current practices, providing evidence-based content using the newest information and industry research.

Modules of instruction include:

Professional mindset, decision making, client validation, stress management, tools and strategies of de-escalation, communication, creation of time and distance and reality based training (RBT).

We also offer courses on municipal vehicle practices and safety for the MLEO. What to do when a member of public approaches you in your vehicle, park patrol and approaching occupied and unoccupied vehicles. This course addresses the tools of de-escalation when vehicles are invloved.

Step training Inc. has created a specialized program for the MLEO working in confined spaces. The course addresses city buses, stairwells, bathrooms, out buildings and other higher risk areas.

Train the trainer courses and coach officer development courses are a specialty of Step Inc.


Hiring a new group of officers? Step Training Inc. has years of experience in designing and implementing new hire courses for the MLEO. Basic tactics, communication skills, de-escalation and the management of critical incidents. Combing this course with the physical training provides officers with a solid base-line for their new profession.

We provide certified training in ASP (Baton) and handcuff practices and protocols.

All training is backed by detailed lesson plans and supporting research. Officers receive a detailed workbook containing the content of the course for future reference.

Step Inc. currently has municipal training partnerships with Mississauga Transit, Mississauga Security Services, Mississauga Parking, Brampton by-law, Brampton Security Services, and Brampton Parking, Brampton Public Works, Brampton Inspection Services and Greater Sudbury By-law and Security Services.


Full references from other city managers available upon request.

I have done a lot of Use of Force training in the past and still found the course very useful. I took in a lot of new information. I was impressed with the course.

By-law officer City of Brampton, Posted to Linkedin February, 2019

The training you provide is so important and so well received by our Enforcement Officers. Thank-you so much!

Senior Security Services Manager Mississauga, Posted to Linkedin February 2019

The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it, especially the scenarios. The material was extremely informative and incredibly useful.

Mississauga Transit Officer, Posted to Linkedin February 2019.

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