The Development of Step Training Inc.


In response to a perceived need for continued training in Defensive Tactics (beyond a mandatory yearly qualification course), Myself Defense was created. The company was officially launched in May 2005. The mission of the company (at that time) was to offer advanced professional training in defensive tactics, as it related directly to police and municipal law enforcement officers.  We worked with GTA police services, OPP, Boarder Services, Municipalities and in some cases, private security agencies.

The company continued with this professional work until 2012.

In 2012 the company was re-branded to Step Training Canada. The new mission of this company was to expand beyond the teaching of physical skills and to begin to address science-based training practices. Although physical skill classes were still being offered, Step Training Canada was now also addressing de-escalation training, communication, professional facilitation and evidence-based course content.

In 2013 Step Training Canada began working with the City of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada to develop and deliver use of force and de-escalation programs to municipal law enforcement officers. This relationship  includes Corporate Security, Transit Officers, Parking Enforcement and Animal Services.

In 2017 Step Training Canada incorporated to become Step Training Inc.

Step Training Inc. is now in partnership with a number of other training companies (Canada, US and Iceland) offering advanced training programs internationally in areas of de-escalation, customer validation, stress modulation and professional facilitation. We collaborate with other working professionals from many areas of the world, having on-going work with US Federal Probation, Icelandic National Police Service and police agencies in Canada and US.

In addition to this, Step Training Inc. was under contract with the Ontario Provincial Government for 18 months, conducting professional field research into de-escalation, police training and the development of a new Ontario Decision Making Model. Through this work, over 40 police agencies were visited for the purpose of applied data collection and research. Research took us across Ontario and as far away as London, England.

As we move into 2020, Step Training Inc. continues to grow and expand it's professional working relationships with Law Enforcement and Municipalities. We have put close to 400 municipal staff through de-escalation and communication training. We have launched courses in customer validation, stress modulation and municipal vehicle operations. We continue to work internationally, and look forward our continued work in Iceland this April.

Step Training Inc. will be running courses at the Blue Line Expo in April 2020, continuing our work in applicable, relevant de-escalation skills.