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Reducing Lethal Force Errors by Modulating Police Physiology.
Judith Pizarro Andersen, PhD, Paula Maria Di Nota, PhD, Brett Beston, PhD, Evelyn Carol Boychuk, MSc,
Harri Gustafsberg, PhD, Steven Poplawski, BA, and Joseph Arpaia, MD

Reducing lethal force errors_Andersen et al. 2018_joem-60-867

An Evidence-based Intervention to Reduce Errors in Police Use of Lethal Force: A longitudinal Study. – (In publication process).
Andersen, J. P, Di Nota, P. M., Beston, B., Gustafsberg, H., Poplawski, S., Arpaia, J.

Performing under stress. Evidence-based training for police resilience. RCMP Gazette. 79(1).
Andersen, J. P., Gustafsberg, H., Collins, P., Poplawski, S., King., E. (2017).

The Science Behind De-escalation and Use of Force Decision-Making: Policy Recommendations for Police Training. Submitted to Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, June 2017. (in press).
Andersen, J.P., Di Nota, P.M., Poplawski, S., Pitel, M., Zurowski, J., and Azmi, P.