Professional Policy Development & Legal Opinions In Use of Force

Modern defendable policy for matters of use of force, incident response and municipal staff training

Professional Policy Development  For Municipalities

  • Analysis and interpretation of your specific needs in relation to policy and operating procedures
  • Professional policy template design and modern industry terminology
  • Assessment of operational risks and training needs
  • Provision of applied Use of Force and training experts
  • Risk assessments for current service training practices and education programs
Step training Inc. has over 18 months of direct data collection experience (De-escalation and the Ontario Use of Force Model) working for the Ontario Government. 


(Example) Primary Research into De-escalation Training & Use of Force Model

Working under contract with the  University of Toronto, Step Training Inc. was tasked by the Ontario Government with the gathering of applied research from a variety of police services across Ontario. This consisted of attending over 40 police services across the Province for the purpose of observing current training and education practices as it relates to de-escalation and the Ontario Use of Force Model. Site interviews were conducted and research obtained. In gathering research, police services as far away as England were visited. This research was used with other academic research and expert analysis to form the basis of a report addressing police training in the Province of Ontario.


Current Clients In Policy Development for 2021

   Iceland, National Police Service

   City Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

     City of Brampton, Ontario, Canada

    Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada