Step Training Inc. Leadership Team

Steven Poplawski

CEO of Step Training Inc.

Having worked in the law enforcement field for over two decades, I found a personal passion for professional training and education. I have always resisted the common notion of “awareness training”, looking to create practical real skill-based learning programs that lead to high-level performance and professional knowledge. The foundation of my professional work is based on the promotion of practice and dedication to excellence.

Donald Back

Director of Operations - Step Training Inc.

Having worked in law enforcement for the past 31 years, I always found myself drawn to training and education.  My passion to provide top professional training continued once I became a certified Police Use of Force Instructor in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Gene A. DiMaria

Senior Associate - Step Training Inc.

I recently retired from the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, Federal Probation and Pretrial Academy in Charleston, South Carolina as Chief of the Safety and Firearms Branch.

Brad Wickman

Manager Media Division - Step Training Inc.

Having graduated with my degree from Humber College in Film and Media production, I am currently working on a number of projects that include education films and content. Specializing in crafting engaging and powerful content for clients that capture the viewers eye and hold it. My work balances entertainment for my audience, with delivering the client message through subtext and visual techniques.