Steven Poplawski

Director of Step Training |Police Officer (ret)| Key Note Speaker | Expert Trainer | Professional Facilitator

   Director of Step Inc.

Having worked in the law enforcement field for over two decades, I found a personal passion for training and education. As a trainer, I have always resisted the notion of “awareness training”, looking to create skill-based learning programs that lead to high-level performance and professional knowledge. The foundation of my professional work is based on the promotion of directed practice.

"The true purpose of a trainer is not to train, but rather, to in-still a need in students to self-develop and commit to learning." Steven Poplawski, cc 2016

Working in the private security industry as a manager and team trainer, I moved into law enforcement, working as a Police Officer, Investigator and Trainer in Ontario. Although I worked in many departments within the police service, I found my true passion when I became an Ontario-Certified Use of Force Instructor. Throughout my years in this role, I always looked to advance my personal skills, and I took every available opportunity stay current with present-day evidence-based practices. While in this position, I trained thousands of police officers, private security employees, auxiliary officers, police cadets and civilians.

In response to a growing need for on-going professional training outside my specific police service, STEP Training Inc. was developed. Dedicated to providing edidence lead training and education to both law enforcement agencies and municipalities, programs were built and highly motivated, experienced trainers brought in.  This professional group has grown, and our work now includes many international partnerships with law enforcement agencies and municipalities around the world.

Throughout the years, I continue to be actively involved in public speaking, guest lecturing at the university level, publishing in scientific journals and presenting skill-based learning practices. STEP Training Inc. worked with the Ontario Government for over 18 months, conducting applied research into police best practices and Use of Force decision making.

I’m dedicated to the development of real skills and training methodologies that meet the demands and public scrutiny of our modern society.

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Formal Education:

University of Guelph Graduated, Bachelors of Art Degree, Deans List, Ontario.
Ontario Police College Graduated, Basic Constable Program 1998.
Humber College Graduated, Principals of Adult Learning and Education Certificate Program.
Penn State University Leadership Outreach Program-Justice and Safety Institute
Mohawk College General Degree Program – Applied Arts and Science
Ontario Police College Certified Ontario Use of Force Instructor

Certified Law Enforcement Instructor – Ontario Police College:

  • Ontario Use of Force Instructor.
  • Professional Speaker and Presenter
  • Expert De-Escalation Instructor
  • Master Stress Modulation Instructor (iPREP Program)
  • Expert Reality based training Instructor
  • Certified Police Investigator
  • Ontario Use of Force Instructor
  • Professional and Certified Handcuff Instructor
  • ASP Tactical Baton Instructor
  • Police Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Edge Weapon / Knife Defence Instructor
  • Police Firearm Instructor
  • Coach Officer Instructor
  • Municipal Vehicle Instructor - De-escalation
  • In-Custody Death Investigations Instructor
  • Excited Delirium Instructor
  • Joint locks and Grounding Techniques Instructor
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Simmunition Trainer and Safety Officer
  • Facilitating Adult Learning Course
  • Observational Techniques Course
  • Ballistic first-aid responder
  • Domestic Violence Investigator
  • General Investigation Techniques Certified
  • Major Case Management Certified
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Managing Diversity Course completed
  • Crime prevention through environmental design (C.P.T.E.D) Level One