Testimonials - What our students are saying?

"The course material was delivered by professional enthusiastic instructors. The material was job relevant and I know I will be able to use in the course of my duties."

Mississauga Parking Enforcement Officer


The training was a "game changer" for our district. I attended both days and witnessed the officers with renewed energy and excitement for the future of RBT.

District Chief, US Federal Probation.


“Excellent engagement by the instructors with the class”
Mississauga Transit officer

“Great class. The material was relevant and practical.”
Mississauga Security Services Officer

This was a very informative course that has taught me new ways of approaching individuals and situations. Far better than any traditional Use of Force classes I have taken. By far the best training I have received.

Mississauga Transit Officer


“Course was really planned out. The instructors took the time to work one on one with people.”
Mississauga Transit Supervisor

“Fantastic Training. I have gained a lot of insight, knowledge and confidence moving forward.”
US Federal Probation Use of Force Instructor.

“Both instructors are engaging and kept our attention. It is hard to sit as an adult learner and the mix of classroom and practical application was perfect.”
US Federal Probation Officer

“Great content and pace. Engaging and entertaining.”
Brampton By-law officer


"The course material was well planned and directed towards our job duties. The instructors were well prepared and kept the class interesting. The scenarios addressed our daily duties and helped to prepare officers if in an altercation."

Brampton By-law officer


“Thought the instructors did a fantastic job running the scenarios. I also thought they did a great job on the debriefs. Everyone was very positive. First time I have not had a lot of anxiety when in training.”

US Federal Probation Officer.