Research-Based Training and Education

"We specialize in addressing the training needs of law enforcement professionals, municipal officers and support staff" " De-escalation and customer validation courses being booked for June 2020

We have more than 10 years of experience working with law enforcement and municipal agencies in Canada, the United States, Iceland and the United Kingdom.

Professional Training Courses for 2020

Stress Modulation Training (NEW)

Managing Internal Stress for Improved Performance

This one day course addresses the internal acute and long-term stress people may experience while engaged in their duties. How does stress effect outcomes? What can a person do to decrease the leikelyhood of escalation? Practical tools are delivered to assist people in dealing with their own stress responses and reducing errors in performance.The primary learning objects of this course include managing tension and increasing situational awareness.

De-escalation and Validation Skills

De-escalation and Tactical Communication Courses and Seminars.

A professional skill based approach for dealing with emotionally charged individuals and situations. This course teaches various techniques and strategies and includes practical exercises that assist officers and support staff in reducing conflict while working towards gaining voluntary compliance and understanding

Students are taken beyond simple awareness training, the skills are applied and evaluated by a professional trainer.

Use of Force Qualifications for Municipal Officers

Training geared towards establishing and maintaining best practices 

Professional Use of Force and De-escalation courses developed and designed for your specific needs. A lesson plan is developed by a professional and certified law enforcement trainer in consultation with you, to address training needs and the development of best practices for your city or region. The course is generally used as a means of maintaining basic yet critical job-related skills for law enforcement professionals. The course addresses the retention of professional skills as well as updates to current practices, evidence-based, using the newest information and industry research.

We specialize in addressing the needs of by-law enforcement, corporate security services, animal enforcement services and parking enforcement.


Professional Facilitation - Train the Trainer

Advanced training principals and applications for instructors

This train the trainer course provides hands-on practical tools that challenge instructors to apply evidence based practices. The course contains modules on adult learning theories, physiology, training approach, dealing with student failure, program design and professional teaching skills.
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    • Professional Validation Skills for improved Client Services
    • Municipal Vehicle Considerations
    • Approaches to dealing with  Persons in Crises
    • Managing Conflict and Obtaining Compliance



Data gathering through interviews, on-site observation and surveys.

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Public Speaking

Presentations on Performance and Personal Development.

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Legal and Training Consulting & Education

We are there to assist in the development of on-going training, that increases staff knowledge, confidence and education.

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