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Skill-Based De-escalation Training for Municipal Enforcement Officers (MLEO).

Training that focuses on customer service and managing triggered emotions of the public you serve.

Step training Inc. offers a professional de-escalation course developed and designed for your specific municipal needs. It does not matter if you issue building permits, operate a snowplow or act as a security or transit officer, de-escalation is about managing triggered emotions and working towards specific outcomes. When people are in closed emotional loops, it takes practiced skills and strategies to move them back to a point of communication and resolution. Instead of being drawn into the emotional noise of an escalated person, we teach practical skills in addressing the emotional trigger and support that through an evidence-based process that focuses on personalization, validation, interventions and a service focus.

We specialize in addressing the real needs of municipal enforcement, corporate security services and transit professionals.

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De-escalation Training For The Customer

Training that focuses on managing triggered emotions of the customers you serve.

Step training Inc. offers a professional de-escalation course developed and designed for your specific customer service needs. Is the customer always right? We know the answer is "no" but as professionals, we are better to focus on what triggered the emotion and work towards compliance and acceptance. Using practical, evidence-based tools and strategies, you learn to get past the emotional noise and make real connections with people. You will learn the value of making personal connections first, before addressing your professional needs.

We do not subscribe to the widely taught "just let them vent" approach. As a professional, you are better than being a sounding board for people's frustrations. What they actually seek is a solution to the issue that has triggered them, and in meeting this need you, in fact, de-escalate the situation. We teach modern interventions that have the backing of research and applied application on the global stage. This content has been delivered around the world and to a variety of professionals including managers, customer service representatives, probation officers, police, front desk staff and teachers.

We specialize in addressing the real needs of customer service and offer a modern approach that is "needs" focused.



Train The Trainer - Profesional Facilitation Program

Providing professional development to existing instructors and teachers

The Instructor Facilitation Program offered by Step Training Inc. provides critical skills to instructors who deliver Scenario-Based Training. This course provides basic skills to newly assigned instructors while expanding the skill-set of current active instructors.

Training includes classroom and dynamic Scenario-Based Training. Participants will be provided with a workbook for notes and reference materials.

Participants will gain hands-on knowledge of what it means to facilitate training programs through the process of creating and delivering Scenario-Based Training. Different types of scenarios will be introduced and practiced including closed scenarios, flash scenarios and open scenarios.


“Thought the instructors did a fantastic job running the scenarios. I also thought they did a great job on the debriefs. Everyone was very positive. First time I have not had a lot of anxiety when in training.”  

Stress Modulation Course (New)

Addressing an officer's physiological responses to stress & how it impacts decision making and performance

When a person encounters a stressful situation, they experience a surge of natural chemicals, such as adrenaline and cortisol. These chemicals allow the body to respond quickly.  When this biological threat response is moderate, it enhances performance through more accurate vision, hearing, motor control, and response time.  However, when the threat response is severe the response can negatively affect performance by creating distortions in thinking, vision, hearing, and increasing motor control problems, which can result in slower reaction times.

The research found that, regardless of experience or expertise level, officers didn’t often connect their psychological and physical reactions with their performance. Therefore, a critical component of our training is to illustrate this connection in a way that is individualized and relatable, and provide concrete strategies to improve performance and resilience.

Modern training programs and research need to meet the goals and expectations set out by organizations and the public. Specifically, an evidence-based method of improving decision-making about applying Use of Force techniques and de-escalation strategies while also enhancing officer resilience.

The Stress Modulation Course offered by Step training Inc. addresses these concerns by providing concrete immediately applicable strategies in the control and modulation of stress.

Use of Force Requalification (Baton & Handcuff)

Providing certified professional training in Incident Response

Step Training Inc. provides comprehensive complete courses in incident response, building core modules of learning around Use of Force, Baton, Handcuffing, De-escalation and Legal Authorities. Our courses speak to the question of "WHY" decisions and actions are being made, and how they fit into a model of service and de-escalation. As violence between the subjects and law enforcement account for less than one percent of incidents, the focus is on the professional "human" skills of communication, personalization, validation, decision making and outcome-focused processes. Officers are taught to see through the verbal "noise" and let go of preconceived notions that often lead to escalation.

This course is not a police course "rebooted" and delivered to municipalities. This course contains content and examples that are specific to the MLEO, supporting their specific role and authorities.

We have over seven years of direct experience working with municipalities across Ontario, and our applied research has taken place at over 40 law enforcement organizations. Our content is mindful of liability and risk, budgets and the direct relationship between the MLEO and the public they serve.

Meeting People Where They Are Currently At

Modern skilled-based approaches to making real positive connections with other people 

Using a module-based approach, we customize our content to match your exact training and performance needs. We focus heavily on skill practice, using a variety of modalities to build confidence and competence. We work with our clients, building long-standing training partnerships built on trust and outstanding service.

We view our clients as "partners in the training process". We meet deadlines and adjust to the demands and challenges of the day. We maintain a shared vision and approach with our clients, lending our extensive expertise in the pursuit of professional performance.  Steven Poplawski Chief Executive Officer, 2021

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